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Sufi Legend Kailash Kher Launches NFT on OpenSea

In his home country, India, Kailash Kher needs no introduction as he is widely considered the “Sufi King” of India and Bollywood. Kher’s musical prowess has endeared him to the hearts of his fans, who have passionately followed his every move and danced cheerfully to his rhythm.

Besides being a music maestro, the 48-year-old playback singer loves to be innovative, and his latest adventure has been to cryptocurrency, especially NFTs. The singer has been attracted to the rising popularity of NFTs in other parts of the world and took the bold step of initiating such popularity in his country.

Kher Launches his NFT

Kher has launched his NFTs on the popular NFT marketplace OpeanSea, and while this is not the first NFT to be launched by a Bollywood star, it marks a huge win for not only crypto lovers but also for all Indians. Kher’s NFT is certainly miles apart from what has been seen and is bound to urge more Indian singers to follow in his steps.

The Bollywood icon created a dreamscape of colors and sounds which were Inspired by Sufism. His portrait was also embedded in deep space as a melodious and soulful sound of his voice flawlessly expressed the sweetness of the human experience.   According to the 48-year-old composer, the song is a “clarion call to every person, to live a little more freely, bravely and happily.”

An NFT of Hope

Kher’s NFT captures his essence and legacy as a Bollywood icon, but more than that, his NFT is one of the earliest offerings by a Bollywood singer of his caliber and has a strong message of hope attached to it.

In the face of the global pandemic ravaging the world and pulling down systems and causing panic globally, hope and peace have become essential commodities. Aside from leading a crypto revolution, Kher, through his NFT, has positioned himself as a voice that rings hope and reminds the world of the ability of humans to be resilient and strong in the face of seeming difficulties. Via his refreshing NFT, collectors can proudly own a piece of Kher, who is undoubtedly one of the most beloved diners from Asia.

NFTs have been Popular in India

Cryptocurrency has proven to be a massive hit in India amongst many other countries as thousands of Citizens have become associated with the blockchain industry, some even making a living out of it.

NFTs are also not a strange concept in the country as many celebrities have been putting out NFTs in a bid to create revenue from it. Also, digital artists have been at the forefront of spreading the popularity of NFTs. For these artists, NFTs provide them with a one-in-a-million opportunity to earn from their skill and also retain ownership of their work. 

With Khet’s NFT, one can only expect to see a huge soar in people’s participation in cryptocurrency in India in the coming days. 

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