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SuperHero – A first of its kind monetization tool for social creators launched by Aeternity

Aeternity recently launched its social monetization tool “Superhero” on 20th May. At the launch, the blockchain firm claimed that it is the first and foremost peer-to-peer instant payment tool for digital goods as well as social content. The much-talked-about extension is runnable on crypto-friendly browsers like Opera and Brave. It also is supported by Firefox and Chrome. The decentralized app – DApp can be accessed on mobile phones on the hybrid platforms of iOS and Android. 

The tool also has a tipping option through its native coin, AE. It features a powered widget for self-integration onto blogs and websites. The decentralized app also consists of a wallet extension. In order to administer different tips between consumers and creators, it also has a widget. PayPal and Bitpay platforms can also be utilized as a platform to undertake to buy of vouchers in the denominations of 5,10, or 15 euros worth of AE. Atomic swaps also can be used to buy vouchers with BTC, ETH, Wrapped Bitcoin, USD coin. The KYC norms will be present but the requirements will be lower than usual. 

The platform tips the content creators almost instantly without any delay. Content monetization has been a long-term issue and with Superhero, content creators are actually getting direct support. The approval and release of tips also are not controlled by third-party as the entire platform is censorship resistance. The users will also have the leeway to control their own IP ownership. Aeternity was one among the several distributed ledger technology companies that were vying for support from T-Block – A blockchain program that is led by the Indian government. 

In another statement recorded of the CEO of Ternio, the noted crypto debit card manufacturer, he was clear that small payments like tips should be exempted from capital gains tax.  Once these are truly exempted it will accelerate innovation that is extremely encouraging for the industry. Currently, for any micropayment including tips, the tax rate is 40% which does not seem rational to charge. The levy of the tax discourages people from venturing into such platforms leaving no room for innovation and fresh ideas. 

Image Source – Aeternity

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