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Sygnum, Swiss Digital Asset Bank Launches Blockchain Alternative to Stock Exchanges

Sygnum, which is a Swiss digital asset bank founded on Swiss & Singapore heritage, recently launched a blockchain-based alternative for listing shares on the stock exchange. 

According to a news publication on Coindesk, Sygnum announced on Thursday that they had launched an end-to-end tokenization solution for listing shares on the stock exchange. The blockchain alternative solution uses a primary market issuance platform named Desygnate.

Additionally, it also makes use of SygnEx that is a secondary market trading venue. 

Sygnum Bank, which also happens to be the first digital asset bank, had tweeted this on the new development. 

The prime focus of the new solution would be startups and founders looking for capital. They can now grow liquidity and transfer ownership effortlessly. Additionally, they also flawlessly manage corporate actions.

Most of the markets include real estate, art, collectibles, and venture capital. It becomes efficiently poised for them to now access tokenized assets. The distributed-ledger technology plays a significant role in this market. 

Apart from being secure, investors are provided with an instant settlement, 24-hour customer service and instant solutions 7 days a week. The company is confident that players will eventually begin showing up on Digital CHF (DCHF), a Swiss franc-linked stablecoin.

Some of the firms that are already making use of Digital CHF are Azimut Group- lists asset manager, CrowdliToken- real estate token provider, ImmoZins- property investment firm, electric vehicle company BAK Motors, and Fine Wine Capital AG.

The company, in a statement, said that more than 40000 companies are founded every year in Switzerland. Besides, the country has “more than 500,000 SMEs.” This is the perfect opportunity for them to raise capital by inviting the investors through issuing security tokens.

These tokens can be now be issued safely through Desygnate and SygnEx. 

According to a news article on Yahoo Finance, Mathias Imbach, CEO-designate of Sygnum Group said that, the latest development in the cryptocurrency market brings a new horizon for capital market investors to do business without hassle.

Using Desygnate and SygnEx, a blockchain-based alternative, this is now possible.

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