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TABOO Raises $10 Million to Revolutionize Adult Entertainment with Blockchain Technology and NFTs

TABOO, a media and entertainment platform aimed squarely at adult content creators, has just announced the closing of a $10 million investment at a $250 million value.

The adult business has been secretive and shamed for a long time, but today, Web 3 and blockchain technology are changing an industry projected to be worth USD 72034.88 million globally by 2030. 

This technology introduces safer interactions, payment processing, and a smooth user experience for adult content creators and viewers. TABOO, a Web3 project, effectively uses blockchain technology to introduce smoother, better, and safer opportunities for adult content creators to grow. 

On May 4, the platform took to its Twitter to announce that it locked a promising deal with a raise of $10M for a $250M valuation. 

The investment was led by a private family office run by a former top executive at JP Morgan. According to the deal, these funds will help TABOO grow and improve its products, marketing, acquisition, and security solutions for adult content creators. 

With this new funding, TABOO wants to grow its market share and solidify its place as one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world.

TABOO’s innovative approach to creating and distributing adult content impressed the private office that led the investment. A representative from the office also said that TABOO has a good chance of becoming a global legacy while its native token, TABOO, is listed in all the major markets. 

TABOO has quickly become popular in the adult entertainment sector by using blockchain technology and NFTs to improve the process of changing, curating, and sharing adult content like never before. 

What Sets Taboo Apart Among Other Adult Content-Creating Platforms? 

The way TABOO makes and shares content have gotten a lot of attention, and the platform is getting close to having 50,000 on-chain users. Even during global bear markets, the platform has grown steadily and reached an amazing $600 million market capitalization at its all-time high. This shows that this platform is here to stay and make waves in the Web3 metaverse. 

TABOO’s rapid growth shows the platform’s commitment to its investors and the community. Apart from this, TABOO’s use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has caught the attention of both investors and industry professionals as a promising Web3 project. 

The platform’s innovative approach to making and distributing content is safer and more efficient for users. With its recent investment, TABOO is all set to keep growing quickly and become a major player in the adult entertainment business.

More About Taboo: 

TABOO is leading the blockchain revolution in the adult entertainment industry. Currently, its native coin, TABOO, is ranked #380 on CoinMarketCap and is worth $0.005541.

With all the possibilities of the blockchain, companies like TABOO are at the forefront of the blockchain-based adult industry revolution. Introducing Web3 and blockchain features, this NFT and streaming media project for adults features exclusive content, NFTs, and an easy-to-navigate marketplace for creators and collectors. So if you’re looking for a revolutionizing token that can go big in the future, this is your time to bag $TABOO. 

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