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Apple to allow downloading of alternate App Stores and Apps

In Europe, the revelation that Apple is preparing to enable third-party app stores on its devices to meet new anti-monopolistic European Union (EU) criteria might be a significant gain for app developers working on cryptocurrency and non-fungible token applications. What spurred this decision?  According to a Bloomberg report published on December 13

Apple Co-Founder Sets Foot into Blockchain Market with New Ethereum Token

Steve Wozniak, who was Apple's co-founder, has funded a new project after 45 years and is called Efforce. It will be a blockchain-based market to exchange tokenized energy. A news post in Cryptobriefing states that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has announced a new project called Efforce. It is a blockchain-based marketplace

Does Wozniak Really Believe in Bitcoin?

Despite being see as quite the sceptic when it comes to cryptocurrencies, Apple co-founder and technology legend Steve Wozniak apparently enjoyed dipping his fingers into cryptocurrency as an early adopter, reportedly wanting to "experiment" with the emerging technology. Given that his best known gambles with technology at Apple paid off handsomly,