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Home > Posts tagged "Artificial Intelligence" Launches Amy: A Chat-GPT-Based AI Assistant Unleashes Amy: Your AI Assistant Powered by Chat-GPT

The crypto exchange’s newly launched AI assistant will share industry insights, real-time token price details, and crypto news and events with the users.  The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly taking over the world, not to mention the crypto world in general. With innovations and AI-based solutions, the same old

RevoFi Leads the Charge for Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure with Revolutionary A.I. Capabilities and Far-Edge Computing

Revofi: Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure with A.I. Capabilities and Far Edge Computing

RevoFi has positioned itself as a prominent player in the cloud computing industry by delivering affordable and accessible solutions while spearheading a revolution in this field. The company takes pride in its A.I capabilities, versatile revenue generation, flexible business models, and cost-effective cloud solutions. Despite these impressive achievements, it's the

Will Bloomberg’s New AI for Financial Data Replace Financial Analysts? Let’s Explore.

Will Bloomberg's New AI for Financial Data Replace Financial Analysts? Let's Explore

Recently, Bloomberg announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) model, BloombergGPT, that aims to open up new ways to leverage the data available within the company's terminal. Several people have reacted to the latest breakthrough, with some claiming that it heralds "the next wave" of corporate AI. Lately, the dominance of AI

Just In: Microsoft and Open AI Extended Their Partnership

"Microsoft and OpenAI Extend Partnership for AI Development

Microsoft announced Monday that it had expanded its collaboration with OpenAI, the startup behind ChatGPT and Dall-E. According to a blog post, this marks the start of the third phase of a multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment. Microsoft announced plans to boost its funding in developing and deploying supercomputing platforms to support OpenAI's