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Brazilian Digital Bank Nubank Launches Its Digital Currency Nucoin

Nubank Launches Nucoin: The Revolutionary Digital Currency for Brazil

The loyalty and rewards program is available to Nu's Brazilian client base of over 70 million individuals, following a decentralized creative process and customer participation. Another real-world firm, Nubank, with 70 million subscribers, has entered the crypto world with its digital currency built by Polygon. Nucoin is a free native crypto

Germany regulator warns of ‘Godfather’ banking malware

Germany's Regulator Warns of Godfather Banking Malware - InsideCrypto Today

On Monday, Germany's financial regulator BaFin warned consumers about the "Godfather" malware, which steals sensitive information from users by infiltrating 400 banking and cryptocurrency apps worldwide. According to BaFin, how the malware infiltrated consumers' devices is unknown. Moreover, the malware presents itself as the official websites of common apps so that

U.S Bank Embraces Cryptocurrency with its Recent Launch

Banks, like many other institutions, have opened their doors wider than ever to cryptocurrency as customers continue to demand these services. U.S Bank is the latest of these financial institutions to give a warm embrace to cryptocurrency and are reported to have launched their cryptocurrency custody services following strong interest