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U.S Bank Embraces Cryptocurrency with its Recent Launch

Banks, like many other institutions, have opened their doors wider than ever to cryptocurrency as customers continue to demand these services. U.S Bank is the latest of these financial institutions to give a warm embrace to cryptocurrency and are reported to have launched their cryptocurrency custody services following strong interest

Market Watch Monday 3rd December 2018

A growing number of cryptocurrency figures - who just a few months ago were backing a return to a year-end high in the markets - have now revised their forecasts for cryptocurrency's foreseeable future, as the turmoil on the markets continues. Having seen new 16 month lows in recent days,

Coinbase announces temporary suspension of Bitcoin Cash trading

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | Inside Crypto Today

Leading cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has announced that it is to temporarily suspend trading in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from today (November 15th). In a notification to users of the mobile app, the company states: "On November 15, we will pause Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading, including the ability to send and receive

Market Watch Monday 5th November 2018

Cryptocurrency Bull Market | Inside Crypto Today

Has the bear left the building? The markets have enjoyed a window of green over the weekend that has lasted into Monday morning. At the time of writing all the major cryptocurrencies are in the green, with Bitcoin edging closer to that all important £5,000 point. But before we count

Bye Bye Bitcash? So Sings Mr Song

The future of Bitcoin Cash | Inside Crypto Today

According to Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Cash has no future, describing it as fiat money that has no value to anybody in a recent article that was a key reference point in his latest interview conducted with Crypto Insider. This is nothing new from a man who already has