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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Goes into Full Bitcoin Node

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is planning to help validate the Bitcoin blockchain by posting pictures of his node synchronization that is in progress. A news publication on cointelegraph stated that Jack Dorsey, who is the Twitter founder and CEO, has his own node synchronization in progress. Dorsey, who is a massive

Zionodes – Making Bitcoin Mining Simpler

Zionodes is your one-stop solution for Bitcoin mining with tokenization.New users will find the going tough with Bitcoin mining.Zionodes provides you with the right kind of platform for entering Bitcoin Mining. Why is Bitcoin mining complicated for new users?  Let us face it; Bitcoin mining is a tedious process. For starters, one

100x Crypto Investor Summit to be held on January 19-20, 2021

The 100x crypto investor summit is a virtual conference to be held this week. Investors and traders alike would be keen on making most of the exciting year ahead in the crypto market.  A news post on 100xcrypto talks about the 100x Crypto Investor Summit to be held on January 19

Who is the biggest winner of Bitcoin’s rally – Dogecoin

Dogecoin was the biggest winner of Bitcoin's rally last week. Besides that, it also got some deserved attention from Angela White, who is Australia's adult star actor.  A news post on cryptonews19 claimed that DOGE prices surged to 105% just in a single week. The meme-based altcoin, Dogecoin, or DOGE led