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How Bitcoin is Winning the Covid-19 Monetary Revolution?

While the term Covid-19 may not sound right for the significant population on earth, Bitcoin has managed to reverse roles and taken itself to new heights. The pandemic has proved to be a shot in the arm for Bitcoin.  A news article on Bloomberg had clearly highlighted the fact that Bitcoin

Canadian Public Company Liquidates Its Ethereum and Monero for Bitcoin

A Canadian company with public holdings liquidated its Ethereum and Monero holdings and invested in Bitcoins. An interesting fact about the company is that it is owned and operated by a famous poker player who was a member of the European Parliament. The Canadian firm has public holdings but decided to

Celebrated Chess Player Gary Kasparov speaks for Bitcoin

If you thought that Cryptocurrency is only for the crypto hardliners, then think again!  People from all walks of life are now understanding how cryptocurrencies have started impacting lives.  Gary Kasparov, the world’s most popular Chessmaster has now claimed his support for BTC to fight human rights violations. He is of

Crypto Gambling – The New Way to Gamble

  The gambling scene has witnessed major transformations in the past few years. The most notable of all changes has been the incredible metamorphosis of gambling platforms to online mediums that have started mushrooming. The best part is - these changes have been triggered by the rise and rise of cryptocurrencies.  Ever

Why is Binance your perfect launchpad in the Crypto Market?

If you have been thinking of investing in Ethereum, Ripple, or Bitcoin then you are not alone. The cryptocurrency market is valued at more than $250 billion. The businesses involved in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies are known as centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. These are online platforms where any investor