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The Best Play-to-Earn Games Not Built On Ethereum

The Ethereum Network is the most popular blockchain for developers to build decentralized apps (dApps). We’ve seen a wide variety of Play-to-Earn (P2E) GameFi and metaverse projects built on Ethereum that have been the driving force behind the success of P2E, like Axie Infinity and Decentaland.  But, with the emergence of

Huobi X Gala Games: A Strategic Partnership You Should Look Out For

Huobi x Gala Games: A Strategic Partnership You Should Look Out For

On 31st March, Huobi took to Twitter to announce its partnership with Gala Games, focused on ecosystem development. This partnership will lead Huobi to introduce investment and listing of innovative projects for its community and users. Like many other popular crypto exchanges that are taking a step forward to introduce new

Polygon Launches GameSwift – A Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Previously known as StarTerra on the Terra blockchain has now migrated to Polygon supernets as GameSwift. GameSwift will be the Steam of the gaming industry but on the blockchain.  GameSwift allows users to play blockchain games and participate in crowdfunding such as Initial Game Offerings, and Initial NFT Offerings as an

Top 5 IDO launchpads to find Crypto’s next big project in 2022

As the cryptocurrency industry has matured, fundraising has become more creative, with Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platforms gaining popularity. IDOs are launchpads for releasing new coins and crypto projects and raising liquidity. They are often hailed as the digital world's next big thing, specifically in terms of decentralized finance. For those

Sony to invest $200M More in Epic Games

Epic Games has been conducting a $1 Billion funding round to boost the utility of the gaming company while entering the world of the metaverse. In this funding round, the entertainment giant Sony has been a key player and recently invested $200 million in Epic Games' funding initiative.  Epic Games, on

Hydraverse is changing blockchain gaming for the better

Blockchain gaming has become a groundbreaking industry accounting for a huge part of the revenue generated in the crypto space. It is also the bait attracting several new players into the booming blockchain market. Most users are thrilled by the prospect of earning while playing. This mode of gaming is