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The Hottest Take on Crypto Recap

As the bear market continues to pull the profits down for traders and investors, innovation has taken up the wheel leading the industry to unseen heights. Along with the volatility in cryptos, the innovation has also been pulling the industry in different directions. There have been several updates in the

Sony to invest $200M More in Epic Games

Epic Games has been conducting a $1 Billion funding round to boost the utility of the gaming company while entering the world of the metaverse. In this funding round, the entertainment giant Sony has been a key player and recently invested $200 million in Epic Games' funding initiative.  Epic Games, on

Initialize Metaverse: The New Metaverse Hotspot

If social media has been an important communication tool, then the “metaverse” could be the next frontier of connectivity and interaction. Every metaverse environment will be culturally specific, nuanced, and immersive, creating opportunities for varied means of communication. It's important to understand that the Metaverse isn't a pinpoint virtual world,

LG Says I Do: Welcomes Cryptocurrency On-board

What began as the basis of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain technology which is a virtual ledger capable of recording and verifying a high volume of digital transactions is now spreading across a wave of industries. In 2021, funding to blockchain startups surged 713%. Bitcoin’s popularity helped demonstrate blockchain’s application

Coinbase Cloud Launches Avalanche Developer Tools Suite

Coinbase, a popular bitcoin exchange & crypto services company announced recently that Coinbase Cloud, an arm of its establishment that offers web3 APIs, services, and blockchain infrastructure, has rolled out a new suite of infrastructure tools and solutions for the growing Avalanche blockchain ecosystem. Coinbase is a multi-chain that supports several