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IOG and NMKR to Drive Widespread NFT Adoption on Cardano

Cardano's research and development startup Input Output Global (IOG), and collaborated with the pioneer in Web3 infrastructure startup NMKR ($NMKR) to drive awareness and adoption of NFTs.  NMKR is a startup started by Patrick Tobler in April 2021 as an easy tool to create NFTs on Cardano. Patrick Tobler is a

A Recent Partnership Between Blockchain Giants to Empower Developing Countries in Accessing Funds

As the blockchain industry strengthens its grip on the world, Oasis Pro has recently announced a ground-breaking partnership with IOHK to see developing countries gain better access to the financial market. The partnership aims at developing an alternative trading system that utilizes blockchain technology to speed up participation from developing

Most Promising Projects on the Cardano Blockchain

Since the Alonzo fork upgrade, the Cardano blockchain is experiencing a new wave of optimism with the ecosystem expected to explode in the coming days, bringing new users, projects, and investors.  Over the past few months many great projects have been launched on the Cardano blockchain but here are the most

Cardano Celebrates Third Anniversary

Cardano network marks its third anniversary amid its unstoppable growth spree as it moves towards becoming one of the most powerful blockchain platforms. Around three months ago, the platform successfully debuted the Shelly network, a highly promising decentralized ecosystem.  Cardano Growth Fueled By Shelley The CEO of the Company, Charles Hoskinson, expressed

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Shares The Strategy For Presenting Financial Operating System

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson shared insights about the company's new decentralized cryptocurrency project outlining the objective to create a secure framework that facilitates complete economic identity to people.  Cardano Founder Talks About Project Aspirations Hoskinson talked about Cardano in an interview with the Slot Leader, referring to the project as an ambitious

The release date for Cardano Shelley mainnet delayed

CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson expressed that the company was not looking at publishing a release date for the Shelley mainnet unless the risks around it are appeased.  Before delving deeper let’s have a brief overview of Cardano Cardano is a cryptocurrency which can be employed to exchange digital funds. It offers