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Coinbase Wallet Now Supports Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Project

Ethereum DeFi platforms are taking the cryptocurrency industry by storm, and with each passing day, decentralized finance gets stronger against the centralized crypto.  Substantiating the same, now, the Optimistic Ethereum testnet would be supported on Coinbase's non-custodial wallet. First-Ever Partnership Between a Wallet and Layer 2 Ethereum Project The partnership between Optimistic

COMP tokens: A new wave in the DeFi industry

Compound(COMP) is an Ethereum token that empowers community governance of the Compound Protocol. The protocol lets the user supply or borrow Ethereum tokens with the help of a decentralized market. Interest can be earned on the Crypto by the suppliers on the amount of crypto they provide to the protocol

Coinbase Reports an Upward Trend in Asset Investments

The Covid-19 situation has affected the American economy the most. With more 750,000 positive cases and the maximum number of deaths registered to date, it is battling a tough war with the virus. But even more difficult is the current economic situation as the income-earners are not able to go

#DeleteCoinbase – Analysing the Aftermath

Last week, leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase became one of the most talked about cryptocurrency companies on the internet for all the wrong reasons after choosing to acquire Neutrino. It was widely reported at the time that three Neutrino employees had previously worked for Hacking Team, a company had been linked to

Coinbase’s latest decision leaves a bad taste in user’s mouths

Until last week, respected cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase had done well to steer clear the negative publicity that such entities so often attract, keeping itself safe from hackers and avoiding the all too familiar run-ins with lawmakers and regulators that have damaged so many other exchanges. This, combined with the

Is Ripple a Rival to Bitcoin?

The Rise of Ripple | Inside Crypto Today

Ripple (XRP) has been in the headlines a lot lately. There has been a lot of positive talk about the cryptocurrency, including the recent announcement of a partnership with UAE Exchange company Finablr. All things going to plan, the partners will go live with a blockchain service by Q1, 2019 supported

Coinbase adds support for 0x (ZRX)

ZRX | Inside Crypto Today

Leading cryptocurrency platform Coinbase has this week added support for the first ERC20 token - 0x (ZRX), an open protocol that offers a decentralized exchange as part of the Ethereum blockchain. The addition has been welcome news for the token, which has seen the its price increase by 38 percent in

Coinbase adds Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic | Inside Crypto Today

Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has now added Ethereum Classic (ETC) to its offering, surprising many who logged into the app this morning to discover an extra chart had appeared. According to the Coinbase Blog, Ethereum Classic transactions will be available customers in all countries in which Coinbase operates. According to