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Is the Launch of Uniswap’s Mobile Wallet The Reason Behind Its Mass Adoption? Let’s Explore!

Earlier this month, Uniswap released its advanced mobile wallet. This wallet is designed to be a self-custodial, open-source mobile app and is a limited edition feature available through Apple Testflight. Now we have seen many web3 and crypto platforms launch wallets and are quite familiar with how it works for different

Unbanked announces its cryptocurrency card launch in the UK and other select European countries

Everybody agrees that for blockchain technology to gain mainstream adoption, its applications must integrate seamlessly into our daily lives. For example, online banking and social media accounts are just a few aspects of the internet we use daily without thinking about how they work.  Now imagine how close we would be

How can NFTs and the blockchain help fight diamond fraud?

Diamond fraud is an alarming and growing trend that has caused significant financial loss to consumers worldwide. With diamond prices continuing to rise in response to global demand, unfortunately, so have the number of fraudulent activities related to diamonds. This post will explore how leveraging blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens

Last week’s Hot Altcoin Events

Every week we bring you a short recap of last week's hottest altcoin news to keep you up to date with the cryptocurrency industry. Here is a recap of last week.  Samsung Files to Launch a Crypto Exchange in South Korea in 2023 Samsung Securities and six other South Korean Security companies,