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Aave Arc launches, with Fireblock as the first whitelister

In a recent report, Aave protocol has announced the launch of Aave Arc, a permissioned version of the famous DeFi lending platform Aave.  Furthermore, Aave Arc's first whitelister is Fireblocks, an institutional crypto custody firm. The permissioned platform was first introduced by Aave mid-last year.   The platform is designed for

MetaMask Announces Plans for Improved User Interface

Crypto wallets, like regular wallets, are used to transact with blockchains. A wallet is a key that allows users to interact with the cryptographic world on a personal level. On the blockchain, it allows users to buy, sell, and transfer assets. MetaMask is a wallet for Ethereum, the world's most varied

Accelerating Healthcare Delivery with Blockchain

Healthcare organizations and providers all over the world are struggling to provide adequate and timely healthcare services due to mismanagement and inefficient delivery systems.  As a result, exploration is being done around new avenues that can optimize the global healthcare industry for better delivery of healthcare services. Among the contenders, blockchain