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Cocos-BCX: Next-Gen Augmented Platform for Game Developers

  Many countries have been making some huge contributions to a gaming market on a global scale, they did not just meet the increasing demand for interactive games but also its potential business and economic use. Gaming developers like Juego Studios and GoodWorkLabs had their huge attention from gamers all around the

Binance Updates: September 2020

Binance, is one of the major exchange platforms that provides various cryptocurrency trading and considered as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. Founded by Changpeng Zhao in July 2017, a developer who had also known for his creation of  frequency trading software. Over the years,

Become a part of the elite DeFi society with DeFi Omega

If there is one network that strives to connect the most elite group of individuals in DeFi then it is DeFi Omega. It is a worldwide global network, precisely an intellectual ivory tower that functions with the goal of seeing how strong policies are shaping up the world of Decentralized

Ampleforth $AMPL – Built on Sound Economics

Presently we are all trying to survive the pandemic. Countries have mandated measures of lockdown everywhere depending on the severity of the cases. But what is common everywhere are the floundering economies everywhere and with that package comes the fear of volatile financial markets. Coming to think of it, even

Politeia – A Platform For Stellar Governance of Decred

Network security is the key foundation of any financial system. Decred is a blockchain-based crypto that stresses open governances, vibrant community inputs, and funding for development. Decred uses hybrid PoW and PoS mining systems and its unit of currency is called Decred (DCR). Politeia acts as a supporting platform that