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Elon Musk backs Cryptocurrency

If there is one man who represents all things innovative then Elon Musk it is. After all, since his early days at Paypal, he has gone on to pioneer electric cars, reusable space rockets and... even more boring things. Now, the man who is the driving force of Tesla and

Is Russia Ready to Risk it with Crypto?

It has to be said, despite being known as a breeding ground for some incredible talent in the field of information technology, Russia is a country that has been somewhat the quiet underdog as far as cryptocurrency is concerned, rarely making headlines in the crypto press. Without digging deeper, it

Market Watch Monday 14/01/2019

After 2018, we are no strangers to rocky starts to the year for cryptocurrency - but were you expecting the lowest levels of the year to be hit within the first two weeks? Those who suffered in the 2018 crash would be forgiven for feeling uptight at the sense of

It’s official – crypto doesn’t destabilize the world!

One of the big arguments that nations such as Britain and America have been using against cryptocurrency for years now is that cryptocurrency is a threat to the economy as we know it, and therefore should be kept from becoming mainstream. But finally what the cryptocommunity has known for decades

Cryptocurrency in 2019 – What’s in Store?

At the end of 2017, we stood back and took a pause for breath after what had been a rollercoaster year for cryptocurrency. Nobody, at that time, could have expected what was to follow in 2018. The last twelve months have possibly been the most turbulent ever for the cryptoeconomy,

Is Ripple a Rival to Bitcoin?

The Rise of Ripple | Inside Crypto Today

Ripple (XRP) has been in the headlines a lot lately. There has been a lot of positive talk about the cryptocurrency, including the recent announcement of a partnership with UAE Exchange company Finablr. All things going to plan, the partners will go live with a blockchain service by Q1, 2019 supported

Market Watch Monday 3rd December 2018

A growing number of cryptocurrency figures - who just a few months ago were backing a return to a year-end high in the markets - have now revised their forecasts for cryptocurrency's foreseeable future, as the turmoil on the markets continues. Having seen new 16 month lows in recent days,

Market watch Monday 19th November

If you were planning to use your cryptocurrency assets to fund Black Friday, then you better think again. After a period of relative stability, the cryptocurrency markets have once again imploded, with thi latest crash wiping $14 billion off the market. At the time of writing, the biggest fall appears

US Museums make Bitcoin History

Bitcoin history in the making - a third US museum has now announced it will begin to accept cryptocurrency payments. Great Lakes Science Center, a large museum and educational facility in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, confirmed that it intends to accept payments in Bitcoin - processed via BitPay - from today, November

Market Watch Monday 12th November 2018

After what was one of the best performing weeks on the markets in several months, we enter into another week and another game of guessing where the markets are going to go. The gains we saw earlier in November has slid down a bit, and Sunday through Monday saw the