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The Coolest Web3 Community – Green Light!

Web3 is growing at a rapid pace, and the wave of excitement has engulfed the entire crypto community. Web3 is an umbrella term used for the latest technological trends related to the digital space that aims to distribute the control of user data back to the users. Web3 includes but

Zignaly, The Social Investment Leader, launches ZigDAO

The expert social investment platform Zignaly has recently announced the launch of ZigDAO to act as the bridge between traders and investors.  Zignaly has been in the market for over 5 years and has, during that time, grown to half a million users strong to achieve the position of the world’s

Introducing “Metabonding”

Web 3.0 is the next iteration of the internet that focuses on decentralization. It aims to create a level of transparency, where smart contracts will control user data and transactions instead of centralized organizations. Having experienced different Web inventions, Web 3.0 came with its own unique feature which gives its

The New Era of Golfing with LinksDAO

Blockchain technology is an expansive and accommodating space that caters to every industry vertical and has the capability to create new opportunities. It is interesting to see new projects taking on blockchain technology and merging real-life activities into the crypto space. One of the most exciting utilities of blockchain technology