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What was Hot in Crypto Last Week?

The ever-evolving space of crypto and Web3, while keeping everything exciting, requires consistent research for following the best practices while engaging with the various projects. Here’s what happened last week!  Crypto Giants Collaborate to Fund Public Goods Crypto leaders like Uniswap and Coinbase are joining forces to fund public goods initiatives. They

6 Crypto Launchpads to Watch Out for in 2023

We heard you’re looking for the latest and hottest projects on the crypto world, so you’re probably banking on that early bird effect, making sure you stock up on whatever token you’re looking for (probably awesome too) without getting clouded by the nasty fomo, or just staying ahead of the

Gate Web3 Wallet Unveils Major Updates, Expanding Blockchain Support and Enhancing User Experience

Gate Web3 Wallet, the non-custodial multi-chain wallet developed by the exchange, has recently rolled out a series of substantial updates to both its mobile app and browser extension versions.  Chrome Extension Update The latest version of the Chrome extension (V1.0.9) comes with a slew of enhancements: Support for SUI and SEI Chains:

#BitgetTurns5 – In Every Era, There Are Those That Look Towards the Stars

Bitget marked its 5th anniversary today, reflecting on a relentless journey of progress. In an open letter, Managing Director Gracy Chen credits the team’s dedication and users’ support for achievements, and shares some insights. Below are some key takeaways from the open letter: Marathon Runner's Approach: Bitget prioritizes user-friendly, secure tools, focusing

UniLend Finance Empowers Community Governance with the Launch of UFTG Token

UniLend Finance, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol is thrilled to announce the launch of its new wrapped governance token, UFTG (UniLend Finance Governance Token) as the revolutionary protocol approaches closer to Governance launch on 4th September.This groundbreaking token signifies UniLend’s commitment to community-driven decision-making and plays a pivotal role

Synthswap Launches Decentralized Exchange with Concentrated Liquidity

City, Date – Synthswap, a trailblazer in the decentralized exchange (DEX) landscape, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary trading platform, setting a new standard in the world of automated market-making (AMM) within the Base ecosystem. SynthSwap, emerging from the creators of ZyberSwap, introduces an innovative concept that redefines

XDEFI Integrates Osmosis & Squid Router, Ushering a New Era of Interoperability in Web3

With Osmosis and Squid Router integration live, XDEFI users can now seamlessly move Cosmos assets between chains within the platform, offering unprecedented convenience and flexibility. XDEFI, a leading multi-chain wallet extension supporting 34 blockchains, is pleased to announce its latest integration with Osmosis and Squid Router (**powered by Axelar Network). This

Galobank Is Bridging The Gap Between Fiat & Crypto

In the dynamic realm of crypto, groundbreaking innovation stands as the cornerstone. As novel blockchains surface, they usher in promises of accelerated transactions and heightened decentralization. However, the practical integration of cryptocurrencies into everyday life remains a pivotal challenge. Galobank emerges as the solution, poised to effortlessly bridge the gap

RENEC Blockchain Introduces Suite Of Innovative Solutions For DeFi Enthusiasts

RENEC Blockchain is pleased to announce an innovative suite of solutions designed to empower creators and meet the growing needs of billions of Web3 users worldwide. RENEC is poised to revolutionize the blockchain landscape with its exceptional scalability, high performance, and remarkably low fees. What are RENEC’s key characteristics? Scalability is a

Maya Protocol and Dash Join Forces, Expanding Cross-Chain and Privacy Capabilities

In a significant move for DeFi, today, Maya Protocol announced an integration with the Dash blockchain. The move marks the first time Dash users can trade and earn using a decentralized and permissionless exchange.​​ Maya Protocol is a decentralized liquidity protocol that allows users to easily exchange cryptocurrency assets across a