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Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade: Everything You Need to Know About This New Era of Staking Withdrawals

Ethereum's Shanghai Upgrade: A New Era of Staking Withdrawals

On Wednesday, Ethereum, the blockchain that powers the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, Ether, completed an essential upgrade that allows holders to withdraw funds they had locked up for incentives. The Shanghai hard fork of Ethereum, also known as "Shapella," has been completed, allowing users who have "staked" their Ether (ETH) to protect

Bitget Integrates with TradingView For Crypto Derivatives Trading

Revolutionize Your Crypto Derivatives Trading with Bitget's TradingView Integration

VICTORIA, Seychelles — Bitget, a leading crypto derivatives exchange and copy trading platform, has announced direct integration with TradingView, a charting and trading platform used by millions of traders worldwide. The given addition will further expand the usability of Bitget’s service, offering users the chance to trade crypto without leaving

Binance Announced Support for Apple Pay and Google Pay

Binance Now Accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay: Simplify Your Crypto Transactions Today!

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, will allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies on its platform using Apple Pay and Google Pay. In its latest Binance Build update, the crypto exchange announced that the platform had integrated the two payment services. Customers can now purchase cryptocurrencies using either Apple Pay or Google Pay. The update

Unbanked announces its cryptocurrency card launch in the UK and other select European countries

Everybody agrees that for blockchain technology to gain mainstream adoption, its applications must integrate seamlessly into our daily lives. For example, online banking and social media accounts are just a few aspects of the internet we use daily without thinking about how they work.  Now imagine how close we would be

Top Altcoin events last week

This week's cryptocurrency prices were a mixed bag. However, as of Saturday morning, just a handful of the top 20 coins by market cap had lost money in the previous seven days. That begs the question, hath the devastation caused by the recent FTX accident subsided? Binance Launches Proof of Reserves

What happens to Ethereum miners after The Merge?

The upcoming Ethereum (ETH) fork has prompted much excitement in the crypto world. However, with all the hype, one might be tempted to overlook those who contributed mightily to Ethereum's success. These people are the Ethereum miners. According to a blog post by the Ethereum Foundation, the update will be

Ethereum Triple Halving and What It Means?

As the cryptocurrency market slowly regains its Market Capitalisation, Tim Beiko caused Ethereum’s price to soar after denoting that Ethereum Merge will most probably be released next month.  The Ethereum Merge event is highly anticipated, with one of the key events being Ethereum’s shift from Proof of Work to Proof of