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Bitcoin-backed tBTC launch efforts begin

tBTC is one of its kind project that has recently been released on the Ethereum testnet. The Cross-chain group developed the project and ever since the conception of the idea, their agile team has been working constantly to extend the research as well as the implementation of this new kind

Super Black Hole Token Functioning on Deflationary Tendencies

Superblackhole is the first intergalactic hyper-deflationary token to be ever introduced. It has a never-to-be seen before 20% burn rate. The token operates on the concept of deflation which implies a decrease in the supply of currency. As deflation is pretty uncommon it wanted to understand what will exactly take

Bitcoin off-loading by Tezos Foundation worth millions

  Tezos is a Swiss foundation that is based on the technology of peer-to-peer permissionless network. It promotes and develops new technologies and applications especially in the field of decentralized software ecosystems.  As per a report, the foundation possessed $397.7 million worth of Bitcoin on July 31, 2019. At that point in

All I need for a Crypto Christmas is YOU (Mr Trump)

Looking for the perfect Crypto Christmas present? Or simply in need of some distraction from the cryptocurrency markets? We've discovered the perfect answer - My Cryptons! The fantastic game from Crypton Labs allows you to use Ethereum to buy and sell unique, beautifully handcrafted cryptons which each represent a fictional

Crypto Horse – The Digital Horses

“A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure.” -Rebecca Carroll Horses have been important in several aspects for centuries. From being the ultimate symbol of royalty, with kings watching over their cities riding the beautiful animals, to helping the disabled in improving their lives through better coordination and

Market Watch Monday 3rd December 2018

A growing number of cryptocurrency figures - who just a few months ago were backing a return to a year-end high in the markets - have now revised their forecasts for cryptocurrency's foreseeable future, as the turmoil on the markets continues. Having seen new 16 month lows in recent days,

Vitalek Buterin speaks out on the Blockchain Bandwagon

Blockchain Technology | Inside Crypto Today

In an unusually outspoken interview, Ethereum co-founder Vitalek Buterin has made clear his feelings about the growing number of companies that appear to be jumping on the Blockchain bandwagon purely for the purposes of marketing hype. One such example was the UN's World Food Programme, which he felt was attempting to