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Fiat to crypto exchange goes live

Bangalore - 6 May, 2020 Highly anticipated fiat-crypto exchange BitPolo, goes live with its trading platform custom-designed for Indian users, on May 6, 2020. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, BitPolo cryptocurrency exchange offers crypto trading with a series of desirable, state-of-art features like high liquidity markets, fiat payment gateways, tight order

Kraken Plans to Revive its Expansion Plans in India

RBI back in 2018 had imposed a ban on crypto trades in which it had warned banks to stop all their dealings related to crypto. But with the incessant efforts of the Crypto community, in a recent path-breaking decision, Supreme Courts seems to have been miffed with RBI and its

Market Watch Monday 13/08/2018

The bear market continues as we enter mid August. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum had a volatile start to the weeked seeing double figure declines, although the weekend saw the 24h charts on the major currencies briefly return to green on Sunday before returning back to red. On the whole,