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How Decentraland Is Transforming the Metaverse Ecosystem

Throughout the epidemic, people have turned to the digital world to interact with friends and family or seek pleasure. The term "metaverse" has risen in popularity more than ever. What is Metaverse? The metaverse is a completely different environment and perspective than today's virtual reality, in which bulky headsets isolate players and

Social Media Giant Facebook Announces A Name Change

Over the last few months, Mark Zuckerberg-led social media company, Facebook, has been associating closely with the blockchain industry and has been keen on being a big player in the industry.  A few days after hinting at a possible name change, Facebook announced on Thursday that it had changed its name

Facebook Plans to Launch Libra in January 2021

Facebook has planned to launch Libra in January 2021. The world's most popular social media giant is launching a digital currency. Libra, which is a Geneva-based Association, governs and issues Libra plans for a single digital coin backed by the dollar. A news publication on Ambcrypto, Facebook is planning to launch

The Zuck Coin

There was a reason why Facebook started banning cryptocurrency and ICO advertisements, and now we know why. Mark Zuckerberg has got a little bit on the cryptocurrency action! No wonder he seemed pretty confident at the Congress showdown about privacy being a major issue in social media. He recently announced the