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AFA To Enter Metaverse in Partnership With Upland

The Argentine Soccer Association, also known as the AFA and serving as the organization responsible for managing the national soccer league, has recently entered the metaverse. The company has formed a partnership with Upland. This project creates real-life maps of the metaverse to allow its users to enter the metaverse

How will Socios impact the Cricket world

Working on the Chiliz blockchain technology, the concept is not new but rather has received a fresh treatment thanks to socios. It encourages the involvement of fans in sports as well as esports. The concept of Socios is prevalent for more than a century now with the La Liga and

Libereum Eyes to Disrupt Sports With Crypto

Libereum, a Dutch cryptocurrency firm, is building a users’ network in the sports industry. Based on Ethereum blockchain ERC 20 token, Libereum plans to create a new environment around the sports club globally with LIBER token as the leading currency. “Libereum intends to break the system where crypto is reserved for