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Fractional NFTs for Novelty Items—Is it Possible?

Let’s face it. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are here to stay despite the constant flak that the mainstream media’s throwing at these two amazing concepts on the daily. And while the hate isn’t exactly unjustified considering the fact that the industry became a prime target for malicious actors to exact their

Magic Eden Makes Cross-Chain NFT Trading Accessible by Launching an NFT-Focused Bitcoin Marketplace

Magic Eden Launches Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace for Bitcoin Users

Did you hear? You can now trade cross-chain NFTs on Magic Eden.  Magic Eden, the leading cross-chain NFT platform, recently announced the creation of a Bitcoin marketplace for digital artifacts. This one-of-a-kind, fully audited marketplace, built on the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem, will provide customers with an industry-leading user experience and interface,