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U.S Bank Embraces Cryptocurrency with its Recent Launch

Banks, like many other institutions, have opened their doors wider than ever to cryptocurrency as customers continue to demand these services. U.S Bank is the latest of these financial institutions to give a warm embrace to cryptocurrency and are reported to have launched their cryptocurrency custody services following strong interest

Where’s the line for Litecoin?

As the icy grip of the crypto-winter continues to bite like the polar vortex currently hitting the USA, more and more predictions are circulating about where Bitcoin will end this bear run, with some critics almost enthusiastic about the idea of Bitcoin falling to zero - largely for the self-gratification

A pinch of SALT and the bear is held at bay

Bull Market | Inside Crypto Today

After what has been a prolonged period of volatility, the cryptocurrency markets were pleasantly green today as the lead currencies managed to hold the bear at bay. All the main currencies have seen positive trading today, with Litecoin (LTC) showing the strongest stability - perhaps fuelled by recent developments, in