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DeFiPie launched on Polygon Mainnet!

The DeFi has grown exponentially, and with the growth, it has exposed different scaling issues in the Ethereum Network. As the demand for the Ethereum Network increased, so did the network congestion, transaction time, and gas fees. As a result, users turned to an alternative Polygon side scaling solution that

Mainnet launched after Celo raises $40 million

The blockchain platform, Celo recently announced the launch of its main network after raising $ 40 million funding. The next step after the launch is to ensure the transfer of Celo Gold tokens.  Celo implied that the transfer of Celo Gold will now be enabled through on-chain governance. This could

The release date for Cardano Shelley mainnet delayed

CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson expressed that the company was not looking at publishing a release date for the Shelley mainnet unless the risks around it are appeased.  Before delving deeper let’s have a brief overview of Cardano Cardano is a cryptocurrency which can be employed to exchange digital funds. It offers