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Market watch Monday 19th November

If you were planning to use your cryptocurrency assets to fund Black Friday, then you better think again. After a period of relative stability, the cryptocurrency markets have once again imploded, with thi latest crash wiping $14 billion off the market. At the time of writing, the biggest fall appears

Market Watch Monday 12th November 2018

After what was one of the best performing weeks on the markets in several months, we enter into another week and another game of guessing where the markets are going to go. The gains we saw earlier in November has slid down a bit, and Sunday through Monday saw the

Market Watch Monday 5th November 2018

Cryptocurrency Bull Market | Inside Crypto Today

Has the bear left the building? The markets have enjoyed a window of green over the weekend that has lasted into Monday morning. At the time of writing all the major cryptocurrencies are in the green, with Bitcoin edging closer to that all important £5,000 point. But before we count

Market Watch Monday 20/08/2018

For those holding onto their cryptocurrency assets, August has been a fraught month to date with the charts for most coins staying in the red for the vast majority of time, with just the odd, shortlived flash of green catching the attention of those avidly watching. Not that they are

Market Watch Monday 13/08/2018

The bear market continues as we enter mid August. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum had a volatile start to the weeked seeing double figure declines, although the weekend saw the 24h charts on the major currencies briefly return to green on Sunday before returning back to red. On the whole,