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Where’s the line for Litecoin?

As the icy grip of the crypto-winter continues to bite like the polar vortex currently hitting the USA, more and more predictions are circulating about where Bitcoin will end this bear run, with some critics almost enthusiastic about the idea of Bitcoin falling to zero - largely for the self-gratification

A Bleak Week For Bitcoin

It hasn't been a great start to the year for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is no exception, with the markets lingering in red for the major part of the month. Although the value of Bitcoin is far from the zero point that some critics have suggested it could reach it has

Bitcoin: Introducing Gold 2.0

Bitcoin is trading at just over the $3,500 dollar mark at the time of writing, on a day that is widely claimed to be the most depressing day of the year - so-called 'Blue Monday'. Apparently this is a combination of post-Christmas financial woes, cold and dark weather and pure

Market Watch Monday 14/01/2019

After 2018, we are no strangers to rocky starts to the year for cryptocurrency - but were you expecting the lowest levels of the year to be hit within the first two weeks? Those who suffered in the 2018 crash would be forgiven for feeling uptight at the sense of

Market Watch Monday 12th November 2018

After what was one of the best performing weeks on the markets in several months, we enter into another week and another game of guessing where the markets are going to go. The gains we saw earlier in November has slid down a bit, and Sunday through Monday saw the

Can Bitcoin end the year at $9,000?

Bitcoin on the Rise | Inside Crypto Today

It would be an understatement to say that is has been a rollercoaster year for cryptocurrency investors. The markets have experienced prolonged periods in the red, with most signs of green lasting little more than a day or two. However, the week to date has been cause for optimism, with

IMF joins the crypto bashing bandwagon

Cryptocurrency concerns | Inside Crypto Today

Cryptocurrencies have had a hard time of it lately, with critics using the subdued market of the last few months as fuel for their fire of dissent. Whilst the media has tried for years to use the cliche of "criminal currency" as their selling point for anti-crypto sentiments, the financial

A pinch of SALT and the bear is held at bay

Bull Market | Inside Crypto Today

After what has been a prolonged period of volatility, the cryptocurrency markets were pleasantly green today as the lead currencies managed to hold the bear at bay. All the main currencies have seen positive trading today, with Litecoin (LTC) showing the strongest stability - perhaps fuelled by recent developments, in

A positive week on the markets

After a prolonged spell in the red, this week's cryptocurrency markets are looking healthier than they have in a long time, with the founding father Bitcoin pushing over the £5,500 mark. The positive sentiment is reflected by all the other major currencies and many investors will be drawing some welcome