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Reddit NFTs: How to Buy and Sell the Avatars in 3-5 Steps

Reddit actively invests in cryptocurrency and adheres to all the most recent crypto developments, including NFTs. Reddit is, alongside Twitter, the most crypto- and NFT-friendly social media network. Reddit is among the most widely used social media networks. Therefore, the fact that it has over 430 million monthly active users is

MetaMask partners with HackerOne to launch a Bounty Program.

A cryptocurrency ecosystem is a place of innovation and constant development. Inside this universe, projects have to constantly upgrade their services to ensure a smoother user experience. One of these services that require special attention is security.  MetaMask, the popular cryptocurrency wallet, has partnered with HackerOne to launch a bounty program

MetaMask Announces Plans for Improved User Interface

Crypto wallets, like regular wallets, are used to transact with blockchains. A wallet is a key that allows users to interact with the cryptographic world on a personal level. On the blockchain, it allows users to buy, sell, and transfer assets. MetaMask is a wallet for Ethereum, the world's most varied

Coinbase’s Browser Extension will vastly benefit users

In this competitive world of crypto exchanges, it is no longer enough to provide the best services in the market to be on top of the competition. Users expect more creativity and accessibility from the platforms, and Coinbase never fails to deliver.  Coinbase recently announced the launch of its browser extension

MetaMask Now Lets You Swap Tokens From Within The App

MetaMask, an exchange wallet and browser for Ethereum tokens, announced its brand new utility giving lots of convenience to crypto tokens users.  It now allows a swap of tokens within the wallet without the need for going to the specific website of the exchange aggregator. This helps the users to

Crypto Horse – The Digital Horses

“A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure.” -Rebecca Carroll Horses have been important in several aspects for centuries. From being the ultimate symbol of royalty, with kings watching over their cities riding the beautiful animals, to helping the disabled in improving their lives through better coordination and