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A New Era Of Digital Learning Arrives As Hexaverse Launches Metaverse-Based Learning Platform

Experience Digital Learning in a Metaverse-based Platform

Calgary, Alberta - A pioneering education startup, Hexaverse - Learning Beyond Reality, has launched a revolutionary learning platform which strives to take students beyond the conventional confines of the classroom. Hexaverse provides an immersive, stimulating, and dynamic learning experience that is transforming education for the digital age by utilizing the

Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud Announced their Web3 Alliances

Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud join Web3 alliances

Huawei Cloud, the cloud infrastructure subsidiary of Chinese tech behemoth Huawei, has announced the formation of the metaverse and web3 alliance, which will include Morpheus Labs, DeepBrain Chain, Blockchain Solutions, and Polygon. Simultaneously, Tencent (the world's largest game firm) announced its complete entry into Web3 with "Metaverse-in-a-Box" to #AccelerateWeb3Success. The Official Announcement

Top 25 Crypto News Updates of October 2022!

The crypto industry is constantly evolving, and this is especially true in the tumultuous times we currently live in. There's always something to keep an eye on in the cryptocurrency market nowadays, whether it's the market value fluctuating up and down or a possible project failing to get traction or