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Magic Eden Makes Cross-Chain NFT Trading Accessible by Launching an NFT-Focused Bitcoin Marketplace

Did you hear? You can now trade cross-chain NFTs on Magic Eden.  Magic Eden, the leading cross-chain NFT platform, recently announced the creation of a Bitcoin marketplace for digital artifacts. This one-of-a-kind, fully audited marketplace, built on the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem, will provide customers with an industry-leading user experience and interface,

Amazon All Set to Launch its NFT Platform ‘Amazon Digital Marketplace’

The widely popular American multinational technology company Amazon will launch its NFT platform on April 24, 2023. Amazon is an internationally famous ecommerce company we are all familiar with and trust with all our online purchases. However, if we consider the growth and advancement of this platform, Amazon has never disappointed

Amazon to Introduce its Own NFT Initiative Soon

This time, Blockworks claims that Amazon is preparing to launch an NFT effort in the spring of 2023 that "may make a significant splash." The internet giant is working on a digital assets business, mainly focusing on NFT applications relating to blockchain-based games. According to many credible sources, Amazon has been

How Does Fractional Ownership Make You Rich?

Fractional ownership can make you wealthy in the long run. It allows you to start trading sooner, benefit from the success of established businesses with expensive stocks, invest consistently, and increase your portfolio without making further investments. So, what precisely is fractional ownership, and are there any web3 initiatives that allow