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Binance partners Solv Protocol to Advance the NFT space

Binance Labs, Binance's venture capital, has announced a partnership with Solv Protocol, a decentralized platform. The partnership would see Binance Labs act as a strategic investor to help build Financial NFTs in the crypto realm. Binance Labs and Solv Protocol will collaborate to launch NFTs on the Binance NFT marketplace

Warner Music Group Announces New NFT-Based Partnership

Blockparty, a digital collectibles platform, recently announced its first major-label collaboration with the record label, Warner Music Group (WMG), giving WMG singers exposure to standard Web3 technology in the non-fungible tokens world (NFTs). Furthermore, as part of the deal,  Warner Music artists will be among the first to use Blockparty's

Luxury Clothing Brand Gucci Partners with Superplastic for NFTs

Gucci, a renowned luxury fashion label, has teamed up with Superplastic, a digital character firm, to produce a SuperGucci non-fungible token (NFT) line. The collection's theme is based on mixing traditional Gucci themes and designs with SuperPlastic digital characters Janky and Guggimon. Alessandro Michele, Gucci's head of design, collaborated with Superplastic

Commonwealth Mining, NFT platform Fedge FI grand launching

Commonwealth Mining, located in the Republic of Georgia, announced the launch of Fedge FI (hereinafter referred to as 'Fedge FI'), an NFT platform project. As the NFT market grows, virtual asset-based NFT platforms continue to develop. Commonwealth Mining plans to open the Fed FI service so that everyone at home and

Spark Era’s $FIRE IGO on Seedify

GameFi is a lucrative product of the combination of the DeFi industry with the gaming industry. This amalgam of two up-and-coming industries has helped in developing a rewarding space that allows gamers to utilize their skills to earn real assets. Projects such as Firework Games have acted as the catalyst

NeoFi –the Crypto Platform helping Investors

Crypto investment is not for everyone. While it is simple and easy to invest in cryptocurrencies these days, the fact is that most novice investors lose money. There have been a lot of market drownings since crypto markets are fast-paced and regulators haven't been able to keep up with the

Photochromic set for its IDO. Here are things to note

Photochromic, a biometrically governed self-sovereign identity platform based on the use of Non Fungible Tokens, had previously announced that their IDO would be available on CardStarter in mid-November. Registration for the IDO opened on Monday, November 8th at 3 PM UTC, and the IDO is set to take place today,