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The British Rock Band Muse to release Next Album on Serenade

The British rock band Muse is launching a new album but with an NFT twist. The band is releasing its album as a limited-edition NFT on Serenade, a Polygon-based NFT platform. The album is named "Will of the People" and is the ninth studio album from the iconic rock band.  The

Tiffany & Co Announced NFTiff For CryptoPunk NFT Owners

The luxury brand Tiffany & Co has recently announced that it will be launching its NFT collection, NFTiff, which will be exclusively available to CryptoPunk owners.  The NFT collection by the luxury brand will include 250 digital assets that will grant its holders access to a one-of-one example of their Punk

Top Upcoming NFT Drops that deserve your attention

While cryptocurrencies are witnessing one of the worst bear markets in its history, the NFT market continues to thrive. There are several exciting upcoming NFT drops waiting to be launched this year. Here are some of the NFT drops we are excited about.  Mutant Musks Mutant Musks is a collection of 10,000

Earn While Moving with Amazy Realverse

The advancement of blockchain technology has helped the industry grow and innovate new exciting use cases. One of these use cases is presented by Amazy Realverse, a lifestyle app that allows users to stay in shape while earning at the same time.  Amazy is a challenging fitness app that has GameFi

Final Fantasy NFTs x Polkadot

One of the most loved, played, and popular video game series Final Fantasy is joining the NFT space in 2023 with the help of blockchain network Polkadot, Japanese publisher Square Enix and the blockchain gaming firm Enjin.  To make the offer even more attractive, Final Fantasy will be merging its NFTs

Hyundai goes Phygital with IONIQ 6

One of the leading automobile manufacturers, Hyundai, has revealed an NFT membership program for its latest high-tech IONIQ 6, an electronic vehicle to unlock exclusive access to Web3 content to the holders. The NFT membership program includes 5,000 IONIQ 6 NFTs in six different themes that include Fun Driving, Stress-Free

Polygon Joins Disney’s Accelerator Program!

Recently, Disney, the entertainment giant announced an accelerator program focused on developing Web3. The company also announced six companies that will be joining the program and Polygon, a layer-2 Ethereum scaling network is one of them.  The Accelerator Program is a business development program designed to accelerate the growth of innovative