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Instagram Will Now Enable Users to Mint and Sell NFTs

Meta has announced that it will implement various new creator enhancements across Instagram and Facebook. The most important thing the firm shared with users was the news that Instagram artists will soon be able to make their own NFTs and sell them directly to platform-based and off-platform followers of Instagram.

Reddit NFTs: How to Buy and Sell the Avatars in 3-5 Steps

Reddit actively invests in cryptocurrency and adheres to all the most recent crypto developments, including NFTs. Reddit is, alongside Twitter, the most crypto- and NFT-friendly social media network. Reddit is among the most widely used social media networks. Therefore, the fact that it has over 430 million monthly active users is

Top 25 Crypto News Updates of October 2022!

The crypto industry is constantly evolving, and this is especially true in the tumultuous times we currently live in. There's always something to keep an eye on in the cryptocurrency market nowadays, whether it's the market value fluctuating up and down or a possible project failing to get traction or

NFT Marketplace “Blur” Goes Live in October 2022

Launching on Wednesday, the VC-backed marketplace Blur offers new users free crypto in the form of an airdropped gift that contains an undisclosed amount of BLUR tokens. If you've bought or sold an NFT in the past six months, you might be eligible for the free airdrop, but you won't

Lewis Neal: A Former NFL Player Jumps into the World of Digital Assets

Did you know that more professional athletes, including NFL players, purchase NFTs? More NFL players are embracing the idea with the introduction of cryptocurrency and the consequent emphasis on NFTs. Regarding new digital developments, arguably, none is more intriguing than NFTs. The one-of-a-kind digital 'artworks are one of the most recent investments

CryptoPunk’s Just Sold Their Punk 2924 for 3,300 ETH

Today, as the investments and demands of NFT projects have increased, especially the ones that have continued to maintain their stability and grown since their launch, it's certainly an asset to own unique NFT characters.  While many projects have slowly drowned in the competition due to improper management or inability to