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CryptoPunk’s Just Sold Their Punk 2924 for 3,300 ETH

Today, as the investments and demands of NFT projects have increased, especially the ones that have continued to maintain their stability and grown since their launch, it's certainly an asset to own unique NFT characters.  While many projects have slowly drowned in the competition due to improper management or inability to

NFTs – Utility or Collectibility?

The NFT industry is growing at a rapid pace. While the crypto winters have temporarily slowed down the sales of NFTs, the growth is expected to see a new height as the winter starts to thaw. While we prepare for a new wave of NFT adoption, an important question needs

Top Upcoming NFT Drops that deserve your attention

While cryptocurrencies are witnessing one of the worst bear markets in its history, the NFT market continues to thrive. There are several exciting upcoming NFT drops waiting to be launched this year. Here are some of the NFT drops we are excited about.  Mutant Musks Mutant Musks is a collection of 10,000

Dubai Ramps up its Metaverse Efforts!

One of the leading crypto hubs in UAE, Dubai, is ramping up its metaverse efforts by launching a Dubai Metaverse Strategy with an aim to become one of the world’s top 10 metaverse economies. Pertaining to this strategy, Dubai will require the help of more members and will hire over

Hyundai goes Phygital with IONIQ 6

One of the leading automobile manufacturers, Hyundai, has revealed an NFT membership program for its latest high-tech IONIQ 6, an electronic vehicle to unlock exclusive access to Web3 content to the holders. The NFT membership program includes 5,000 IONIQ 6 NFTs in six different themes that include Fun Driving, Stress-Free

Bella Hadid’s entry to the Metaverse

The world-renowned American Model Bella Hadid has marked her entry into the metaverse. Bella will be making her debut in the metaverse with her own NFT collection on a new NFT platform, CY-B3lla, dedicated to the model itself.  The NFT platform is also collaborating with reBASE, a social metaverse platform, to

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest Score in Web 3.0 with Binance

Do you know how NFTs have gone mainstream? When superstars such as Ronaldo enter the NFT industry.  The popular and world-renowned football player Cristiano Ronaldo is entering the NFT and Web 3.0 space with the most popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The football player has signed an exclusive multi-year NFT partnership with