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Lewis Neal: A Former NFL Player Jumps into the World of Digital Assets

Did you know that more professional athletes, including NFL players, purchase NFTs? More NFL players are embracing the idea with the introduction of cryptocurrency and the consequent emphasis on NFTs. Regarding new digital developments, arguably, none is more intriguing than NFTs. The one-of-a-kind digital 'artworks are one of the most recent investments

CryptoPunk’s Just Sold Their Punk 2924 for 3,300 ETH

Today, as the investments and demands of NFT projects have increased, especially the ones that have continued to maintain their stability and grown since their launch, it's certainly an asset to own unique NFT characters.  While many projects have slowly drowned in the competition due to improper management or inability to

Starbucks and Polygon come together to offer an NFT-Based Loyalty Program for coffee lovers

Starbucks has announced a new Web3-powered experience that will allow Starbucks Rewards members and partners (workers) in the United States to earn and purchase digital collection goods. The "Starbucks Odyssey" initiative will unlock access to new perks and immersive coffee experiences. Starbucks is a "Third Space," a place between home and

South Korean metaverse Zepeto joins hands with Thailand’s telecom giant True

Naver Z, the South Korean IT firm's unit that operates the Zepeto metaverse platform, has partnered with Thailand's top telecommunications services provider to develop the virtual world's ecosystem Thailand, according to a statement released Thursday. True's chief strategic content and public relations officer, Birathon Kasemsri, stated that True aims to lead

NFTs – Utility or Collectibility?

The NFT industry is growing at a rapid pace. While the crypto winters have temporarily slowed down the sales of NFTs, the growth is expected to see a new height as the winter starts to thaw. While we prepare for a new wave of NFT adoption, an important question needs

The British Rock Band Muse to release Next Album on Serenade

The British rock band Muse is launching a new album but with an NFT twist. The band is releasing its album as a limited-edition NFT on Serenade, a Polygon-based NFT platform. The album is named "Will of the People" and is the ninth studio album from the iconic rock band.  The

Tiffany & Co Announced NFTiff For CryptoPunk NFT Owners

The luxury brand Tiffany & Co has recently announced that it will be launching its NFT collection, NFTiff, which will be exclusively available to CryptoPunk owners.  The NFT collection by the luxury brand will include 250 digital assets that will grant its holders access to a one-of-one example of their Punk