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Join the NFT Wave with these upcoming hot drops!

The NFT industry is booming right now, and every week there are several exciting launches happening. While you cruise this wave, we have decided to curate the best upcoming NFT drops for you. Here have a look!  Lucky Block - Platinum Rollers Club Collection The Platinum Rollers Club collection from Lucky Blocks

NFT Saving Lives!

There has been a lot of discussion on how NFTs are transforming the landscape of the art industry and creating more opportunities for global artists. Moreover, NFTs help in streamlining the flow of suppliers and distributors by directly connecting artists with their fans. However, there is also another aspect of

The Basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson Launches NFT Collection

The NFT craze is wild and now the fans are pushing the artists to launch their collections for them to get their hands on exclusive content. NFTs have transformed the relationship between creators and fans and, understandably, more and more celebrities are leaping.  Magic Johnson The basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson has

NFT Weekly Wrap!

We are back with another weekly recap, and this time we will be covering the latest developments in the NFT industry. There have been several changes in the cryptocurrency industry in the past few weeks but NFTs, as always, are grossing and deserve a separate column.  Bored Ape NFT Mistake The cryptocurrency

The weekly NFT recap

The NFT space is buzzing busy, and there have been several noteworthy advancements in the sector. Several new projects are quickly moving towards minting their unique NFTs, such as Moonbirds, which has been categorized as one of the NFTs GOATs ( Greatest of all times). Let’s take a look at