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Visa Expands USDC Payment Reach with Solana Integration

Global payments giant Visa is making strides in the world of cryptocurrencies by expanding its support for USD Coin (USDC) payments on the Solana blockchain. This move comes as Visa continues to explore and integrate stablecoins into its payment ecosystem, providing users with faster and more efficient cross-border settlement options. Facilitating

Solana Pay Revolutionizes E-commerce: Shopify Integration for Seamless USDC Payments

In a groundbreaking development, Solana Pay, the decentralized payment protocol powered by Solana Labs, has seamlessly integrated its plug-in with Shopify, opening a new chapter in the world of e-commerce transactions. This exclusive integration, revealed to TechCrunch, is set to empower millions of businesses within the Shopify ecosystem to utilize

MenaPay Sponsors Revolutionary Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018

Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 had the makings of the ideal Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event of the year. It showcased the revolutionary products, services and ideas that Blockchain can bring about and the ease and comfort of digital payments through Cryptocurrency. The theme of the Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 was ‘Exploring