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QuickSwap’s V3 on Polygon: Everything You Need to Know

QuickSwap, which had already deployed its V3 on Dogechain, has released the QuickSwap V3 on Polygon too. The news for the release of QuickSwap V3 came out in June 2022. During that time, the Dragon community of QuickSwap voted to acquire an exclusive Algebra's V3 concentrated liquidity model operating license on

Starbucks and Polygon come together to offer an NFT-Based Loyalty Program for coffee lovers

Starbucks has announced a new Web3-powered experience that will allow Starbucks Rewards members and partners (workers) in the United States to earn and purchase digital collection goods. The "Starbucks Odyssey" initiative will unlock access to new perks and immersive coffee experiences. Starbucks is a "Third Space," a place between home and

OpenSea Adds Polygon Support to Expand Features and Accept MATIC

The number one NFT marketplace by volume, OpenSea recently announced that it is integrating with Polygon, the layer 2 scaling solution with its Seaport protocol implementation.  OpenSea tweeted on social media mentioning their excitement for the listing,  “Starting today, we will begin using Seaport for all new listings and offers on Polygon!

Polygon Launches GameSwift – A Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Previously known as StarTerra on the Terra blockchain has now migrated to Polygon supernets as GameSwift. GameSwift will be the Steam of the gaming industry but on the blockchain.  GameSwift allows users to play blockchain games and participate in crowdfunding such as Initial Game Offerings, and Initial NFT Offerings as an

Polygon Joins Disney’s Accelerator Program!

Recently, Disney, the entertainment giant announced an accelerator program focused on developing Web3. The company also announced six companies that will be joining the program and Polygon, a layer-2 Ethereum scaling network is one of them.  The Accelerator Program is a business development program designed to accelerate the growth of innovative

HTC launches Metaverse Phone with Ethereum and Polygon Support

In a masterstroke, the global smartphone manufacturer HTC launched a metaverse phone, “Desire 22 Pro,” on 28th June. The phone comes with an integrated digital asset wallet and virtual reality headset pairing feature, and more.  With the launch of Desire 22 Pro, HTC has entered the Web 3 space, and the

Polygon Network and Clearpool have Announced a New partnership. Here’s all to know

Following recent developments, the Polygon ecosystem will be home to Clearpool, the first decentralized marketplace for unprotected liquidity on the blockchain. Clearpool will integrate the full-stack scaling solution to give its consumers more access and better capabilities. Polygon is the world's first well-structured, simple-to-use Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform. Polygon

DeFiPie launched on Polygon Mainnet!

The DeFi has grown exponentially, and with the growth, it has exposed different scaling issues in the Ethereum Network. As the demand for the Ethereum Network increased, so did the network congestion, transaction time, and gas fees. As a result, users turned to an alternative Polygon side scaling solution that