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Solana Pay Revolutionizes E-commerce: Shopify Integration for Seamless USDC Payments

In a groundbreaking development, Solana Pay, the decentralized payment protocol powered by Solana Labs, has seamlessly integrated its plug-in with Shopify, opening a new chapter in the world of e-commerce transactions. This exclusive integration, revealed to TechCrunch, is set to empower millions of businesses within the Shopify ecosystem to utilize

Solana Wallet Phantom Taking Charge and Burning Spam NFTs

The Solana-based wallet provider Phantom is taking matters into its own hands by launching a new burn feature that will allow users to remove spam NFTs sent by scammers.  Phantom recently announced through a blog post that the new burn feature would be accessible on the Phantom Wallet App under the

Solana is Sponsoring Lollapalooza Yet Again

The up-and-coming blockchain network Solana has announced that it is sponsoring the music festival Lollapalooza, the music festival. This isn’t the first that the proof-of-stake cryptocurrency is sponsoring the event, as it did so the previous year as well, which also resulted in a 7% price boost for the token

The Coolest Rabbits in the Metaverse – Cyber Rabbit

The expanding metaverse has become home to exotic creatures and projects with robust utility. There is a new species in town to challenge the likes of apes and doges. Cyber Rabbit is the coolest rabbit in the metaverse that aims to capitalize on the earning aspect of the NFT industry

Solana Network Equals Carbon Neutral

In the past few months, environmentalists and other concerned parties have been blaming the cryptocurrency ecosystem for its apparently high carbon footprint that is harming the environment. While the recent studies and numbers do not support this fact, the nay-sayers continue to blame digital currencies for everything wrong.  Luckily, blockchain is