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Blockchain technology: A brief insight

In simple terms Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology which is decentralized and is vested with record keeping of the origin of the digital asset. It is also called the distributed ledger technology(DLT) and disables the modification of the history of any digital asset with the use of cryptographic

Ivan on Tech Makes Blockchain Learning Simple

Ivan on tech, a blockchain and crypto learning websites is making blockchain learning courses easier. Their innovative ideas for digital learning has 15000 students enrolled and taking classes. Blockchain technology that made its debut with Bitcoin is quite essential today. The technology has become of the very important and probably the

Vitalek Buterin speaks out on the Blockchain Bandwagon

Blockchain Technology | Inside Crypto Today

In an unusually outspoken interview, Ethereum co-founder Vitalek Buterin has made clear his feelings about the growing number of companies that appear to be jumping on the Blockchain bandwagon purely for the purposes of marketing hype. One such example was the UN's World Food Programme, which he felt was attempting to

Sony leads the next wave of wallet innovation

Sony Logo | Inside Crypto Today

In what can only be seen as an endorsement of the potential of crytpocurrency, Japanese electronics, gaming and entertainment giant has this week announced that they have been getting inventive and come up with an innovative new device to enable crypto users to store their digital currencies securely. Developed by their

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are two of the most spoken about technological advancements in the recent world. It is technology which has the power to change the world. Artificial Intelligence is machines being developed to carry out tasks which humans are able to do. This means an added benefit of intelligence