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Coinbase Reports an Upward Trend in Asset Investments

The Covid-19 situation has affected the American economy the most. With more 750,000 positive cases and the maximum number of deaths registered to date, it is battling a tough war with the virus. But even more difficult is the current economic situation as the income-earners are not able to go

US SEC Plays the Waiting Game on Bitcoin ETF

With so much hostility towards the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, there was never going to be a quick answer as to whether or not the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a department of the federal government, would allow two Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to go ahead. A decision in their

Ohio accepts Bitcoin payments for tax

Although the USA has received plenty of press over the last few years about its hostile attitude towards cryptocurrency, there are encouraging signs of resistance - like the state of Ohio which just a month ago announced the introduction of an all new payment portal called ‘OhioCrypto’ which would allow companies to

US Museums make Bitcoin History

Bitcoin history in the making - a third US museum has now announced it will begin to accept cryptocurrency payments. Great Lakes Science Center, a large museum and educational facility in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, confirmed that it intends to accept payments in Bitcoin - processed via BitPay - from today, November