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Home > Posts tagged "web 3.0" – What went wrong?, the blockchain-powered social media app that gained rapid popularity and endorsement from both crypto insiders and mainstream figures, is facing a significant downturn just weeks after its launch. During its initial days in closed beta earlier this month, demonstrated remarkable success by generating $1.68 million in fees within a

The Coolest Web3 Community – Green Light!

Web3 is growing at a rapid pace, and the wave of excitement has engulfed the entire crypto community. Web3 is an umbrella term used for the latest technological trends related to the digital space that aims to distribute the control of user data back to the users. Web3 includes but

Binance Labs Closed a $500M Investment Fund

The venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, Binance Labs, successfully closed a $500M Investment Fund for boosting the development of Blockchain, Web 3 and value-building technologies.  The funding round saw participation from several leading global institutional investors such as DST Global Partners and Breyer Capital. Several other private equity funds,

Worldpay from FIS becomes the first global merchant to facilitate direct USDC Settlement! 

FIS is a financial technology leader that recently announced its subsidiary Worldpay would become the first global merchant acquirer to offer global merchants the ability to transact directly in USDC, a reserved stablecoin. This step by FIS will bridge traditional finance with decentralized finance and open up the doors for

Initialize Metaverse: The New Metaverse Hotspot

If social media has been an important communication tool, then the “metaverse” could be the next frontier of connectivity and interaction. Every metaverse environment will be culturally specific, nuanced, and immersive, creating opportunities for varied means of communication. It's important to understand that the Metaverse isn't a pinpoint virtual world,