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What was Hot in Crypto Last Week?

The ever-evolving space of crypto and Web3, while keeping everything exciting, requires consistent research for following the best practices while engaging with the various projects. Here’s what happened last week!  Crypto Giants Collaborate to Fund Public Goods Crypto leaders like Uniswap and Coinbase are joining forces to fund public goods initiatives. They Amping up Social Chatter

In the midst of the bustling Web3 ecosystem, has made an explosive entrance, generating a remarkable 4,400 ETH (equivalent to around $8.1 million) in trading volume just within the first 24 hours of its invite-only beta launch. Positioned as "the marketplace for your friends," intends to revolutionize social

Blur: The NFT Marketplace Empowering Pro Traders in the Web3 World

The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has witnessed explosive growth, and amidst the myriad of NFT marketplaces, one platform stands out as a unique and powerful aggregator - Blur. Launched in October 2022, Blur has rapidly gained traction among professional NFT traders, offering a suite of advanced features that set

Crypto Goes AI: 3 Early Projects to Keep an Eye On

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a pivotal force within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, revolutionizing various aspects of the industry. Its integration has proven vital in market analysis and price predictions, empowering traders with valuable insights for informed decision-making. AI-driven trading bots and algorithms have also emerged as powerful tools, executing high-speed

Top 6 Essential Metrics for a Web3 Project’s Success

Are you tired of seeing Web3.0 Projects saying that they’d be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space and beyond, only to find out that the only thing bigger than their claims is the lies they spout amongst their trusting users? Perhaps you’re a beginner in the industry looking

Binance Labs – Investing in Web 3 Gaming

Binance Labs is the investment arm of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. While Binance is undergoing regulatory scrutiny, the company has not stopped its investments in Web3 gaming. Recently, Binance Labs has committed an investment of $15 Million into Xterio Ecosystem, a Web2 and Web3 game developer. Xterio is a

RENEC Blockchain Introduces Suite Of Innovative Solutions For DeFi Enthusiasts

RENEC Blockchain is pleased to announce an innovative suite of solutions designed to empower creators and meet the growing needs of billions of Web3 users worldwide. RENEC is poised to revolutionize the blockchain landscape with its exceptional scalability, high performance, and remarkably low fees. What are RENEC’s key characteristics? Scalability is a

How to Earn Revenue with Web3 Gaming

Web3 Gaming is all about integrating blockchain technology with online games to help gamers, investors and community members generate a regular source of income. Not only do players have the ability to own in-game assets as NFTs and digital collectibles, they can win native tokens, which can be exchanged for