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Take the Bite out of Bitcoin

Taking the bite out of Bitcoin: Solving the biggest problems in Cryptocurrency

The problems with cryptocurrency investments are many: the solutions are few. Investing into traditional stockmarkets used to be risky: when markets first started, there was no regulation, anybody could list, and anyone could take your money and run. Even if you found a reputable company to invest into, the pricing volatility could wipe you out. You may have seen this volatility run rampant through unregulated crypto markets, where an investment like Bitcoin could run up from $1 000 to $25 000, and then crash down to $6 000…

The solution

Boston Trading CoInvestors from Boston Trading Co. have been in the stock markets for decades. They noted that stability in the traditional stock markets is enhanced by sophisticated investors and by the use of financial instruments, particularly ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) and mutual funds (managed funds)… so why not do that in crypto?


The #BostonCoin is the first “coin of coins”, an asset-backed investment which is diversified across dozens of different assets in cryptocurrency and technology stocks. They have the ability to “spread your eggs into different baskets”, investing into up to 200 cryptos and tech stocks, with 90% asset-backing.


The professional investment team uses the proprietary four pillar “C.O.I.N.” system to only invest into the best cryptocurrency assets, ICO’s and technology stocks. No fluff, no hype, just cold facts and strategically sensible plays.


During an extremely volatile time in crypto markets, Boston Trading Co. rode the wave of Bitcoin up to early December 2017, and sold out all BTC holdings just prior to the market peak. Later, they successfully bought back into BTC at less than half of the old price.

Navigating over 2000+ ICO’s in 2017 was a big ask for any new investor. Investopedia reported that “over 80% of new ICO’s are scams”, with “up to 92% being duds”. BostonCoin successfully used the “C.O.I.N.” system to “sort the cream from the cr#p” and when 80-90% of investors were losing money to scam ICO’s, they successfully maintained 100% of holdings.

The #BostonCoin held value over 2017, and continues to grow. Managing a diversified portfolio with the latest technology, they aim to give investors the best growth, with the lowest risk.


Boston Trading Co. believes that an educated investor is a profitable investor. They provide updates every month on
what they are buying, what they are selling, and what they are considering, plus an update on latest holdings and
latest performance for the month. These reports are public and available to anyone who wishes to educate themselves about the strategy, or for investors who wish to make wiser choices with their own investments.


The iconic “Boston Terrier” logo is cute, and shows others what a trusted investment should look like. You can get the #BostonCoin logo on various promotional fashion items to show your support and share your love of the #coinofcoins.


Other ICO’s have a #bounty program which expires rapidly (or you always seem to miss out on). The BostonCoin
bounty program is ongoing until at least 2020.

Boston Trading Co Website

Discover how you can qualify for bonus coins, or cool merchandise. All the details, plus links for bounty and bonuses at

This is an advertising feature on behalf of Boston Trading Co. Disclaimer: This feature does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the product or service by Ltd. You may lose your entire investment and should seek appropriate advice before investing in cryptocurrency.
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