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Take the FreeWei: Gasless cross-chain swaps with VarenX on Polygon

Blockchain and distributed ledger networks are exploding by the day. Interconnecting these new chains are becoming a necessity as more people continue to take note of the emerging technology and its capabilities. Cross Chain technology is increasingly becoming a hot topic of discussion which is also seen as the ultimate solution for enhancing interoperability between blockchains.

In Layman’s terms, Cross-chain Technology is an emerging technology that seeks to allow the transmission of value and information between different blockchain networks. Increased usage of established networks like Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum while a good thing has given rise to many issues key among them being economical and technical scaling limitations.

New Hands on Deck

With the rapid growth going on within the Blockchain space, VarenX is now deployed on Polygon. This timely announcement is one that holds some prospects, however. VarenX Dapp was launched on the Ethereum base chain a little over a month ago. Since then, it has seen a total cross-chain volume of over $1 million, with each cross-chain transaction generating protocol fees for Varen. As well known, projects that launch on Ethereum Blockchain has over time had little ropes to lose with the constant issue of high gas fees on transactions. This has also served as a backlog over time for Ethereum. While this looms on, VarenX has taken a firm stride to resolve this effect. Varen’s goal is to bring cross-chain DeFi to the retail masses. As such, as part of its development roadmap with its partner, Ren protocol, it has now deployed VarenX to Polygon!

Don’t Leap, Just Bounce

It’s surely a little demanding to take the spotlight on DeFi but while the VarenX Community thought about this, they are rather poised with a Mantra to bounce, rather than leap. With this exciting leap, VarenX has set out to double its exhaust boost by making Its Cross-Chain swap as frictionless as possible and also lowering its gas fees as it introduces its new feature: FreeWei. With FreeWei, most active DeFi users may be conversant with Gas-as-a-Service (GaaS). But where GaaS subtracts the gas cost from the incoming asset on the user-side, with FreeWei we front the gas costs, making cross-chains transactions with VarenX on Polygon fully gasless to the user. Trust you’re getting excited already.

How does VarenX on Polygon work?

With the new paradigm shift, VarenX works exactly the same on Polygon as it does on the Ethereum base chain, giving you the same cross-chain swapping experience in a single transaction, but with the additional FreeWei feature enabling gasless transactions and you know this is just for you.

Using this seamless structure is quite easy. To use VarenX on Polygon, go to, and switch the wallet connector to the Polygon network. Afterward, follow the same steps as you would on Ethereum to execute the swap you want. FreeWei ensures that you don’t need any $MATIC loaded in the wallet before you swap. While you reminisce over the new outlook on VarenX and consequently take due action by hopping on its new Freewei feature, do remember that at VarenX we’ll continue to put user experience first.

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