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The Axie Infinity Marketplace bringing market economy aspects into the game

Apart from the trading aspect of decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies, blockchain is capable of producing much more interactive and fun ways to bring financial opportunities to users. Products such as NFTs have brought forward a more entertaining method of interacting with blockchain technology.

However, the most helpful invention to come from blockchain technology is play-to-earn game models. These games allow gamers not only to earn in-game assets but reward tokens that can be redeemed for fiat currencies, giving the opportunity to the player to make a living by playing games. One of the most successful play-to-earn game models to ever develop is Axie Infinity. 

“If you haven’t already heard about Axie Infinity, you must be living under a rock.” A commonly used statement to describe the immense popularity the game has earned in a short time because of its ability to help players of all age groups, democratic, beliefs, gender, etc., to make a living out of playing games. 

How does Axie Infinity create Financial Opportunities?

Axie Infinity is a multiverse where anyone can earn tokens using their skills and collect, raise, build a land-based kingdom for their unique characters. While the game is still in the early development stages, it has become the #1 Ethereum game by daily, weekly, and monthly active users. The game has generated more than 13,000 ETH in revenue so far.

This significant revenue generated of gnarly $16M can be contributed to the following aspects of the game. 

  • Compete in Player-vs-Player battles to win leaderboard prizes.
  • Breed Axies characters and sell them on the marketplace.
  • Collect rare Axies such as Mystics and Origins
  • Farming love potions that are needed to breed Axies and sell them on Uniswap and Binance.
  • Earning AXS token, a governance token that gives the holder access to governance rights and fee sharing.

Axie Infinity has provided people all over the world with a fun and entertaining source of entertainment. Players have been making quite a fortune by collecting and selling mystic and origin Axies such as, 

It’s time to join the wagon and become a part of the Axie Infinity universe.

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