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The City of Zion will be minting their GOLDPASS NFT collection

The City of Zion is launching its first-ever mini collection – GOLDPASS NFTs, at 6 pm UTC on the 13th of November 2022. Users can mint this GOLDPASS on XOXNO official website. Links will be posted on all City of Zion’s socials shortly before the mint. The GOLDPASS NFTs act as a whitelist, giving you early access and a cheaper price to mint the upcoming SOULZ collection.

With only 777 GOLDPASSes in existence, these NFTs are highly coveted items. 333 GOLDPASSes will be distributed to OGs and goldlisted members, while the remaining 444 will be available to purchase through minting. Ownership of a GOLDPASS NFT grants early access and an opportunity to mint the SOULZ collection at a discounted price. As the City of Zion brand grows, more benefits will be granted to the GOLDPASS NFTs holders, making them even more coveted and valuable.

After minting x5 GOLDPASSES, users shall receive a FREE SOULZ NFT and x2 for a max of 10 GOLDPASSes per wallet. After minting x3 GOLDPASSES, OGs will receive a free SOULZ NFT, and a free SOULZ for every x3 GOLDPASSes they mint.

Not to mention, ANYONE who mints x10 GOLDPASSes, will get to work with the lead artist Faith to help design one of their free SOULZ NFTs.

How do you get a GOLDPASS NFT?

If you’re interested in getting a GOLDPASS NFT, there are a few ways to go about it. The first option is to mint your own.

Alternatively, you can become goldlisted in our Discord community. To be considered for Goldlist, we look for active members in the general chat and on Twitter/other social media platforms. You must reach a minimum level of 7 in the Discord platform and have 7 invites while upvoting the City of Zion on EGLD’s community website. Goldlisted members will receive a unique role in the community and one GOLDPASS NFT from City of Zion.

What is City of Zion?

The City of Zion emerges as a collection of 7777 SOULZ,  manifestations of their owner’s internal spiritual warriors. The SOULZ are the firstborns of the @ZionMetaverse and are considered their spiritual Web3 identity.

The Holy City of Zion recently announced that their SOULZ NFTs would be minted on the XOXNO marketplace. Once this happens, users can expect The Holy City to grow exponentially.

The upcoming Web3 brand combines Streetwear, NFTs, Anime, and Gaming. Through this combination of physical fashion and virtual existence, the City of Zion seeks to offer a unique ecosystem for individuals to express themselves and showcase their love for all things tech and anime.

The project is built on the Elrond Network. It is a blockchain platform that is highly scalable, quick, and secure for distributed apps, business use cases, and the new internet economy. On Twitter, the City Of Zion has a sizable community of 13,000 followers, not to mention they are currently trending top 5 on Lunar Crush’s official website for the most influential project/personnel on the Elrond network. The City of Zion is just getting started.

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