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The confidently beautiful Suman Chellani’s NFT is on Open Sea

In today’s society, the term NFT would no longer be considered strange or alien as a vast majority of people are already aware of what it is or have heard of the huge potentials it wields in the crypto world. NFT adoption is going on almost on a daily basis, and celebrities and other public figures are fast spreading its popularity and creating NFTs of their own.

What are NFTs?

NFTs stand for Non-fungible tokens and are tokens that are assigned to real-world assets in order to move them to the blockchain world with improved security, interoperability, and monetary prospects. NFTs could be anything from music, digital arts, or any other item. Although digital arts have proven to be more popular and lucrative, musicians, models, and other celebrities have joined the train.

NFTs have found a home in the Asian country, India, as several of its leading celebrities, including singers and actors, have adopted NFTs and created theirs. Stars like  Amitabh Bachan, a famous Bollywood actor, and producer launched his NFT collection alongside actress Sunny Leone.

Suman Chellani’s NFT

The most recent star to announce her NFT is Suman Chellani, a popular beauty queen in India who won thousands to herself after clinching the top prize and was crowned Miss India Intercontinental. Chellani became the first Indian leading model to launch an NFT when she revealed via her Instagram that she had launched her NFT on the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Chellani is one of the most promising young and influential Indians, and her NFT is a rare but promising NFT that would make a good addition for any collector. The stunning model’s NFT featured an image of her with a microphone in front and a background that looked like she was in space. 

The actress’s NFT is symbolic for many reasons. Chellani is a talented storyteller, who weaves tales through shayaris, and connects accurately with the heart of her audiences. There is no better time for the human story to be told than now as the world battles the pandemic alongside heart-wrenching economic failures and environmental hazards.

Chellani’s smile depicts her humility which for many is her greatest charm. With her NFT, the talented model has presented her love for the stage and the spotlight in the alluring backdrop of her Mona Lisa smile.

Nothing excites Chellani than connecting with people via her platform and work and in these tumultuous times of isolation and disconnect, connecting with people is no longer a luxury. She stands as a voice to remind everyone to handle the difficulties of life with grace and cheerfulness. Her NFT is indeed a remarkable offering to her fans.

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