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The Coolest Rabbits in the Metaverse – Cyber Rabbit

The expanding metaverse has become home to exotic creatures and projects with robust utility. There is a new species in town to challenge the likes of apes and doges. Cyber Rabbit is the coolest rabbit in the metaverse that aims to capitalize on the earning aspect of the NFT industry to give birth to new use cases and utility. 

Cyber Rabbit

Cyber Rabbit is a decentralized NFT project that aims to establish its presence in the NFT space and the metaverse with the help of its unique features and use cases. The project has developed exciting NFT collections with unique rabbit traits that can be bred, staked, and more. 

The Genesis Collection

Cyber Rabbit is launching its NFT collection Genesis on June 14, 2022, with a total of 1000 unique NFT collectibles. The collection includes 1000 3D rendered depictions of rabbits in futuristic attires with unique traits and utilities. There are several elements for the rabbits apart from its Rabbit Specimen such as Cerebral Neuralink, Lumar Augments, Cyber Suit, Polymer-pants, Sinistric Augments, and Dextral Augments. 

The Genesis collection will mobilize the Cyber Rabbit revolution starting from the introduction of the native token. The holder of Genesis Collection NFT will become privy to several benefits such as:

  • Yield Mechanics
  • Cyber Rabbit’s Breeding Spree
  • Personalization
  • Automatic Whitelist Spot for Main Collection Cyber Rabbit


Apart from the NFT collections, Cyber Rabbit also boasts its unique token, $CARROT. As every rabbit needs a carrot, the Cyber Rabbits require $CARROT, a utility token, minted automatically upon the launch of the Genesis Collection NFT. Each Genesis Rabbit from the NFT collection will produce 10 $CARROT every day for 1 year. 

Some of the utilities of $CARROT includes: 

  • For breeding 2 Genesis Collection NFT
  • Alter the name of the Genesis Collection NFT
  • To acquire whitelist spots on the Cyber Rabbit’s Collab-carnival

Cyber Rabbits is powered by a team of experts that materialize the vision of Cyber Rabbit to stay transparent and true to the community. Moreover, the project also takes a charitable approach and increases the awareness of humanity to help pets in need with shelter, adoption, education, community outreach, and more! 

Cyber Rabbit aims to use the benefits of blockchain technology, NFT, and metaverse to provide unique investment opportunities while creating a safe space for pets. To learn more about Cyber Rabbit, visit:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Facebook | Instagram |

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