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The Coolest Web3 Community – Green Light!

Web3 is growing at a rapid pace, and the wave of excitement has engulfed the entire crypto community. Web3 is an umbrella term used for the latest technological trends related to the digital space that aims to distribute the control of user data back to the users. Web3 includes but is not limited to blockchain technology, metaverse, DeFi, AR/VR, AI, etc. 

Such a massive-scale concept requires in-depth understanding to make the best out of the new opportunity. To that end, there are several Web3 communities in the crypto space that aim to help the users understand the concept and simultaneously create a safe space for people to connect with like-minded individuals. 

One of the most fun Web3 communities we have come across in the crypto space is Green Light. While Green Light is new in town, they show unparalleled potential to become one of the biggest communities in the space. They do not restrict themselves to crypto and have members interested in a variety of avenues such as Women’s rights, Cannabis lovers, Gamblers, Alcohol enthusiasts and so on! 

The vibe at Green Light is entertaining, to say the least, and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with them. Inside Crypto Today is partnering with Green Light to bring everything about crypto to a global community at their fingertips. Green Light is active on Twitter, Discord, Instagram and Facebook. We are thrilled to be part of such an exciting community.

About Green Light

Green Light is a Web3 community for crypto addicts, NFTs artists, gamblers, weed lovers, alcohol enthusiasts, and whatnot! We have created a community for everyone and do not discriminate on the basis of interests or identifications. Green Light is an all-encompassing community that breathes the concept of Web3 to life. 

Connect with like-minded individuals and become a part of the coolest Web3 community in the space here:


Collab with Greenlight by filling out the form

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